How to Write a Lab Report

How to Write a Lab Report

Title Page: On a separate sheet include the title of the lab, your name, your teacher’s name and the date. (What am I doing?)

Problem/Objective: One sentence identifying problem or primary goal of exercise. (Why do this lab?)

Background Information: Paragraph about scientific concepts explored in the lab exercise. This should include definitions and any explanations of the content in your own words. Do not include results. (What does this mean?)

Hypothesis: Proposed/testable solution to the problem. Written in an ‘if… then’ format linking independent and dependent variables. (What is being tested?)

Materials: List in columns all materials used. If a laboratory apparatus was assembled, a diagram must be drawn. (What was used?)

Procedure: Step by step instructions on how to perform the experiment. Must include numbered steps. If the procedure is provided in the lab handout you may write the words “See lab handout,” under this heading. (How is it done?)

Results/Data: Record all data obtained from the experiment and note any observations. This should be presented in a both a data table and a graph. (What was seen?)

Questions: Answer each lab question in complete sentences being sure to include the question being asked in the answer. (What are the conclusion questions?)

Conclusion: Refer back original problem/objective. Re-state hypothesis and accept or reject the hypothesis. Summarize data and results to support claims of acceptance or rejection of hypothesis. (What was discovered?)